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[linrad] RE: soundcard duplex mode problem solved

I found one bug relating to the problems on 200 MHz MMX.

Line 286, col 53 in wcw.c. Change != to ==

// If we arrive here, there is no panic on the input side.
// In case the output is running, do some work at the output side if
// there is room for more data in the output buffer.  
  if(new_baseb_flag == 0 && (fullbuf_flag&ND_DABUF) == 0)

I found my MMX does not work when I use the same speed for 
input and output. My Pentium IV does work - but incorrectly 
with the same speed for input and output on Linrad-01.26. 
This is a really silly error, I introduced it quite some 
time ago when I made the code "easier to understand and 
maintain" ;-)

This is the kind of problem that would disappear if Linrad 
were rewritten with multithreading:-)


Leif / SM5BSZ