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Re: [linrad] Linux upgrade question

Jurgen van de Glind wrote:

>Hi All,
>Last Month I lost my linux/linrad setup due to overwriting my MBR on my dual
>boot machine (W98/RH7.2)
>I like to upgrade my Linux version 7.2 now.
>Any recommendations on this reflector which version  to use ?
You can probably recover your RH7.2 by booting to GRUB from a floppy.  
GRUB is a lifesaver!

That being said, RH 7.2 is due for an upgrade.  I favor Fedora, mainly 
because it is so Red Hat like ... the current version is Fedora Core 2, 
although Fedora Core 3 will be released next week. 

See http://www.antennspecialisten.com/linrad-archive/msg02295.html for 
details on running Linrad under Fedora Core 2.

-Joe KM1P