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Re: [linrad] Linux upgrade question

Hello Jurgen,

2 approaches ....

#1 the cost effective approach:

Stick with the distribution you have now and redo the MBR.
If the application is LINRAD only and LINRAD was once working, it will 
work again.

#2 the latest and greatest approach:

Get SUSE V9.2 Pro and get LINRAD to work.

Stan, WA1ECF   FN41sr   Cape Cod, MA

Jurgen van de Glind wrote:

>Hi All,
>Last Month I lost my linux/linrad setup due to overwriting my MBR on my dual
>boot machine (W98/RH7.2)
>I like to upgrade my Linux version 7.2 now.
>Any recommendations on this reflector which version  to use ?
>PC= Petium4 1,5Ghz/Delta44/OSS available
>Best Regards,
>Jurgen PE1LWT