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[linrad] Which Linux?

Good morning all,

 I think I can use some of your knowledge about Linux, in the Linrad perspective.
I am not a computer illiterate, on the contrary, but my experience about Linux is near to zero, being mainly a Windows user and programmer.

I am not a radiomateur (yet) but I am quite interested in all of the technical aspects of that hobby. Recently I read good things about Linrad, and this stimulated my interest in knowing more about this program. I understand that in order to run Linrad I need Linux installed on my PC (an Athlon 2.4+ GHz with 512MB RAM), together with SVGALIB.

So my first (others will surely come...) question is : which Linux?
I managed to get hold of 
- RedHat 9
- Madrake 10.1
- The latest distro of Fedora

Which one would you suggest me to install for Linrad? Any caveats or things to watch out carefully before or after the installation?

Thanks for any advices