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Re: [linrad] Which Linux?

Hello Paul,

I chose SUSE Linux 9.0 Pro, early this year because:
    it is available by mail order and some local stores like Best Buy
    Parent company is NOVELL and I expect continuity of the product for 
a long time
    Many modern OS capabilities beyond what LINRAD uses

My experience:

    SUSE 9.0 Pro loaded on a new modern INTEL mb/cpu with out any problems
    Getting LINRAD to work was a learning experience best shared with a 
very knowledgeable friend
    SUSE has a major version change 2 times a year, but you can stay 
forever with the initial version you get
    "The juice IS worth the squeeze"
    SUSE has a reflector for users, volumous, but there are some nuggets 
of gold among their postings
    Hardware in available to complement the full LINRAD software 
    LINRAD/LINUX is an excellent learning experience about digital 
signal processing techniques
       not just the state of the art, but the "bleeding edge" of ham 

My observations:

    every version of LINUX has a steep learning curve and numerous 
    Pick one version and stick with it, it is easier for me to learn 
one, than many versions/flavors
    locate multiple LINUX experts to pick their brains on these 
    Possibly a LINUX users group is in your area can help, look around.
    Many system applications can use LINRAD, VLF diversity reception, 
EME with polarization diversity
       terrestrial very weak signal work, panoramic display for contest 
QSO (signal) acquisition.
    Future integrated platform with WSJT capabilities, maybe even 
windows porting.
    LINRAD/LINUX is not for everyone.

For full LINRAD capability, you will need an additional PCI sound card 
like the DELTA 44
for 4 channels of ins and outs at up to 96K sampling, and LINUX drives 
like OSS or ALSA.

Stan, Wa1ECF   FN41sr    Cape Cod, MA

dirac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

>Good morning all,
> I think I can use some of your knowledge about Linux, in the Linrad perspective.
>I am not a computer illiterate, on the contrary, but my experience about Linux is near to zero, being mainly a Windows user and programmer.