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Re: [linrad] Re: Which Linux?

> Mandrake 10.1
> --------------

> But the main problem is that it enclosed the ext2 swap and /home (or was it /root ?) partitions into an extended partition, so that Windows is able to see it, and when it starts it tries to "correct" logical defects it thinks to have found in it, destroying the Mandrake install..... 
> The coexistence of Windows and Linux is of utmost importance for me, so, unless a remedy exists for this, Mandrake is ruled out.

Any Mandrake / any Windows coexistence make definitively no problem at
all. Many people and are working with such a configuration for years.

The simplest and most natural way to proceed is to install windows
first, if not already done, then install Mandrake. 
When prompted by Mandrake to partition the disk, pick up the automatic
partition option and apply it to the drive you like. Leave all the
existing windows partitions untouched. The Mandrake partition tool is
fully graphic and very intuitive.

Doing so Windows will simply ignore anything about Mandrake, Mandrake
will mount the windows partitions under /mnt.

Good luck.