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[linrad] Re: Which Linux?

> Any Mandrake / any Windows coexistence make definitively no problem at
> all. Many people and are working with such a configuration for years.

I know, and this is what pushed me to try this combo.

> The simplest and most natural way to proceed is to install windows
> first, if not already done, then install Mandrake. 

Windows was already installed when I installed Mandrake.

> When prompted by Mandrake to partition the disk, pick up the automatic
> partition option and apply it to the drive you like. Leave all the
> existing windows partitions untouched.

Exactly what I did. My second HD was empty, and I said Mandrake to do an automatic partioning of it. The result was a primary ext2 partition (not seen by Windows) and an extended partition with two other logical partitions inside it. This is the partition that Windows at startup tried to "fix"

> Doing so Windows will simply ignore anything about Mandrake, 

I wish Windows had behaved like that.

> Mandrake will mount the windows partitions under /mnt.

Yes, that I have seen and it is a very useful feature.
Thanks for the tips.