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[linrad] WSE converters and parallel port problems

Hi All,


Last few weeks I completed my linrad setup and runned into few problems.

On my main PC (Pentium 1,6) with RH7,2  I have linrad 1.27 installed and I cannot control the WSE converters proper.

On my second PC (1Ghz) with RH9.0 , Linrad 1.27,everything is working fine.


Seems that the parallel port is bugging me.

 I re-routed some pins in Linrad but that didn’t help anything.


During the hardware interface test (Z)  and all the converter are connected (10,7/70/144)  and nothing addressed (pin 2-9 all 0) the status pin 10 is flickering. When disconnecting the RX10,7 , this flickering is gone.

I changed from PIN10 to 12 but still have the same problem.

Anyone on this reflector is having the same problem? And maybe a solution?




Jurgen PE1LWT