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Re: [linrad] WSE converters and parallel port problems

Hi, Jurgen,

I have not seen this behaviour.  It might be a reflection of how the  
printer port is set up in the bios.

Is it set as standard, or ECP, or EPP?
Could it be a problem with the port address or the interrupt??

I do not know, but am just making suggestions.

Also, you might look for a Linux utility to test the parallel port...I  
don't know if one exists.

Good luck.

I am having parallel port control problems with another set of programs  
running under Windows, VHFLog and KMRover, and am being driven crazy by  
them.  I have installed new addon ports, changed from PCI to ISA add on  
ports and back again, varied the Address and IRQ, and changed the port  
type all with no beneficial effect.

So I know the pain you are feeling :(

I am actually thinking of reiinstalling the O/S and if that doesn't work,  
getting another motherboard to try to solve my problem.  Irregular printer  
port behaviour can be very frustrating.



On Tue, 7 Dec 2004 22:08:44 +0100, Jurgen van de Glind <pe1lwt@xxxxxxxxx>  

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Roger Rehr