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[linrad] parallel port and linux/linrad

ce=Arial size=2>Hi Leif
I am putting together the d-sub connectors for my WSE modules and wanted to confirm that there are no internal connections
on pins 7 and 8. In order to keep the wiring as neat as possible I am proposing to use these pins to allow me to loop the select lines for the RX70 and RX10700 in and out of the RX144 and RX70 units by doing the following:
Connect in parallel pins 2, 3 and 6 on the RX144, RX70 and RX10700 for the DATA, STATUS and Clock lines.
Connect in parallel pins 4, 5 and 9 on all units for the -15V, +15 and DC ground
Run the bit 3 SELECT line directly to pin 1 on the RX144 unit.
Run the bit 5 SELECT line to pin 7 on the RX144 and then to pin 1 on the RX70
Run the bit 4 SELECT line to pin 8 on the RX144, then to pin 8 on the RX70 and then to pin 1 on the RX10700
Hope this makes sense.
Niels, G8RWG