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Re: [linrad] SVGALIB installation problem Hurra!

I will try attaching the file to this post to the list
It is gzipped in case it executes without the user wanting
I suggest saving it to the desktop or location as you see fit

Change the file permissions (right click on the file icon on the desktop 
-> properties -> permissions)
so that the user can execute the file

Open a terminal eg Konsole in KDE
cd to location of script
( to change to root)
enter root password
gunzip script
(to see if script.sh is present)

to run script

I would be interested in comments


Richard Hosking wrote:

> If anyone is interested I have written a shell script to automate 
> svgalib installation
> It removes old files, downloads svgalib, corrects the source error in 
> vga.c, and installs the runtime libraries libvga.so.1 and 
> libvgagl.so.1 in the correct directory
> I am learning shell scripting and this is my first attempt so use at 
> your own risk! However it seems to work OK and I would be interested 
> in comments.
> I am not sure how I can post this - I presume the list will not accept 
> attachments
> Richard
> DEHAYS Dominique wrote:
>> Tnx very much to Joe , KM1P : SVGALIB now compiles OK since I took 
>> those dirty ## instructions!
>> I installed with no pb NASM , and LINRAD , but I did not typed the 
>> ./configure , because I think I must get sound running first ,  Am I 
>> right?
>> 73's Dom/F6DRO

Attachment: svagalibscript.sh.gz
Description: GNU Zip compressed data