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RE: [linrad] Which distros are free?

Fedora 3 is certainly free. I have downloaded the iso images just
to find I am not able to make a bootable CD from image #1 :-(

Is there anyone who knows how to do it? 



> Hello I am about to build a new P4 Linrad machine. Previously I 
> used Red Hat
> Linux 7.2 which I still have and I had very little problems getting
> everything to work. I am aware of the video card issues and I have the
> appropriate OSS licences so I don't expect problems with sound. What I do
> need to know is whether there is any advantage in using a different distro
> of Linux? For instance I see that Red Hat have this Fedora project now. I
> want a free distro of course, or should I just install Red Hat Linux 7.2?
> 73
> Conrad G0RUZ