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RE: [linrad] Re: M-Audio Audiophile 192 Soundcard

I have emailed a friend who works for M-Audio technical support about the
filters in the Revolution 5.1 which is very cheap indeed for those not
requiring Xpol. I just bought a second hand Delta 44 from a recording
magazine reader's classifieds. There are plenty of them on the second hand
market here in the UK.


Conrad G0RUZ

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> Jeffrey, Bob, Stan and Conrad,
>   thanks for your investigations and considerations about the Audiophile
> 192 sound card.
> Bob, I seem to recall that you performed some extensive tests on the
> Delta 44 comparing it
> to other cards. Do you have any data to back up or to deny my  suspect
> that it has a fixed
> cut off frequency in its anti alias input filter? Does Linrad use it at
> 96 kHz sampling rate?
> What are the results?
> A second (and last) question to you all. Am I right in saying the 4
> input channels are needed
> only if you want to use x-pol antennas ? Or are there other
> circumstances where having 4 input
> channels can be of benefit ?  Thanks.
> 73  Alberto  I2PHD (Trying to understand whether buying today a Delta 44
> is a good move...)
> Robert McGwier wrote:
> >I spoke to them and to OSS (4Front) they were not terribly helpful.
> >When I started OSS it called it a Delta 44 equivalent.  It did not work.
> >
> >The other problem as I see it is that the voltage range it covers is very
> >large indeed.  The Delta 44, Lynx L22, etc. sport two ranges -10dBv and
> >+4dBu (the latter being larger).  The Audiophile has a much larger peak
> >to peak voltage range than +4dBu.  This means modifications would be
> >required to interface to a particular piece of hardware such as WSE,
> >SDR-1000, etc. to do anything that approaches using the dynamic range of
> >the A/D's properly.  Gerald Youngblood, AC5OG, purchased one with the
> >hopes that it would do a good job with his SDR-1000.  I am uncertain
> >what he thinks about it now.
> >
> >For $200 or less, it is stil hard to beat the Delta 44.
> >
> >Bob
> >N4HY
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