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[linrad] svgalib will run after reboot under FC3

I have found that I can get svgalib to run after rebooting with FC3.  Here are the details:

1.  After I reboot, the /dev/svga file is missing, as are svga1, svga2, svga3, 
svga4.  All of these were in the /dev directory before reboot, after initial install of svgalib.

2.  If I 'make install' svgalib again the /dev/svga fies  reappear, but svgalib of course
doesn't run unless I also insmod the svgalib_helper.ko file.

3.  If I do those two things after each reboot, I can run svgalib everytime I reboot Linux.  

Of course, svgalib doesn't have drivers for my video yet, and running under VESA won't let me do linrad, but things are nearly ready and I spent FAR less time getting them working in Fedora Core 3 than in the alternatives.  Now, as soon as svgalib gets the necessary modern drivers, I am ready to go [well, almost; see below regarding my mouse problem].

QUESTION:  Does anyone know where the /dev/svga files go after I reboot, and if there is a way to keep them from disappearing like that?  I assume that linus should be saving them or resurrecting them from a link or something on reboot, but that it isn't doing so for some reason.

I just have one other problem ;)

I have tried several mice, all PS2 mice, and with each of them I get the pesky message:

 svgalib: Failed to initialize mouse

even though I set mouse type to PS2 in the libvga.config file.  I also tried 'microsoft mouse' as my choice in the configuration file and got the same error message.  And of course the mouse doesn't work under svgalib, though it works fine in XWindows under FC3 and Gnome.  I've not had the mouse failure problem in my RedHat 6-8 installs of svgalib-1.9.19 or earlier.

Any thoughts on my lack of a functioning mouse under svgalib-1.9.19 with FC3 would be appreciated.  

Thanks and 73,


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