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Re: Linrad-01.31

  I have now configured and compiled the new version 31. I repeated the previous
experiment by copying all the par files from the ver29 directory as a starting
point. The new version does run correctly and without producing any error
messages. Then I tested the U menu and saw that still the choice 00 has two
lines. The fist one correctly shows the sampling speed range and the number of
bits=32 for the delta 44. The second line also called 00 still shows a bogus
sampling rate.  The line 08 is dsp7 which is my AC97 and it shows a possible
rate selection from 5000-48000.

Using menu A, weak cw mode, I tested the sound sampling rates. I found that just
as in version 29 if I selected 5000Hz or 6000Hz for the output card sampling
rate, there was loss of buffer as seen by displaying the T command and the sound
had dropouts. If I selected 8000Hz then the output was perfect.

So apparently the OSS driver file is either incorrect and my AC97 within the
Intel Southbridge ACH5 chipset cannot support below 8000Hz, or there is a
problem in your code that causes the loss of synchronization at lower output
  At least I found the solution was to keep the output sampling rate at 8000Hz
or higher.


Jeffrey Pawlan