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[linrad] Linrad-01.31a

I have replaced 01.31 by 01.31a because I have had really bad
system crashes due to kernel memory corruption caused by a
physical write to the hard disk immediately after the open
statement to the sound device.

The write was to the soundboard_init.log file, something I 
added when looking for the problems caused by the changed oss API.
Interestingly enough, I made many tests without any problem at
all but suddenly Linrad-01.30 started to crash every time
I tried the soundcard setup "U" on the main menu. The only
differences I am aware of is that I had changed several things
in the boot sequence to have networks configured differently ant
also to have /etc/fstab untouched by hal.

The only difference between 31 and 31a is that three statements
ere removed, fprintf(), flush() and sync(). The problem is most
probably caused by some bug in the kernel/driver. I have not been
able to cause any crashes after removing the disk write. I have
no idea whether disk writes from other processes could be risky
in case they occur while the sound device is being opened. The
crashes occur only with the Delta44 driver as far as I have
been able to test. I have not seen this problem under other
kernels than Fedora 3, but I did not spend much time looking.

The crash is really bad. Unplugging the machine from the wall 
for reset. The mains switch on the box is under computer (no)control.

The problem is only present in the "U" = soundcard setup menu.


Leif / SM5BSZ