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[linrad] Kernel 2.6.10.x, multithreading

I went back thru my old emails and notes and found this note I wrote on 1-16:

2. The kernel version I am using is: 2.6.9-1.667smp . I had a later version that worked, but then I updated to and tried to do an insmod with svgalib_helper.ko I got an error stating there was something unknown in the module and so I went back to this version.

This is an earlier 10.x version of the kernel than the one that gave Leif trouble, so it looks as if, as Leif said, that something broke with FC3 and svgalib when the core went from 2.6.9.x to 2.6.10.x

I have specifically NOT changed the kernel from 2.6.9-1.667smp since 1-16-05, even though I had found another later 2.6.9.x kernel that worked. I live in fear that late some night when I am playing I will forget this problem and update the kernel; that will be bad if it happens :(

Is the 2.6.10.x kernel from ANY distro working properly with svgalib-1.9.19 and Linrad?

Leif are you saying that SUSE 9.1 works with 2.6.10.x kernels [I think you are not saying that it does, just that svgalib doesn't break when you update the kernel in general, like it does with FC3).

[I thought I asked the general question about 2.6.10.x kernels before, but can't find an email documenting that I did so; if I did ask before, I apologize for asking again]

I am very eager to try the new multi-threaded Linrad when it is ready. Thanks VERY much for moving forward with this, Bob and Leif!


Roger Rehr

On Tue, 8 Feb 2005 00:15:39 +0100, <leif@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

The problem is that when I reinstall svgalib under the 2.6.10 kernel
the new module does not install either. I have been careful and removed
every trace of the old installation before installing again on the new
kernel, but that does not help. The svgalib_helper module compiled
for 2.6.10 can not be installed under any of the kernels. For Linrad
one has to select the original kernel at boot time and run it with
an helper module compiled for the original kernel.

I have updated

The updated webpage is very nice!

Roger Rehr