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[linrad] svgalib works only in VESA mode


   I have been unable to get svgalib to run in anything but the VESA mode.   I
have to force VESA mode in libvga.config.  If I try to run in any other mode it
sets the vertical refresh to twice the desired frequency.   My LCD monitor will
only work at 60 Hz refresh but svgalib tries to set it to 120 Hz.   Nothing I
have tried has made any difference.   I would rather not run in the VESA mode
since it slows down the CPU and doesn't take advantage of the graphics processor
on the video card.   I recently upgraded my video card and despite my best
attempt to buy something that was compatable with linux and svgalib I seem to
have failed.   (The card works great in windows and solved some driver conflicts
that I was having the caused the PC to crash.)   

   Here is my system...
SuSE Linux 9.0
Kernel - 2.6.5-7.111
CPU - Athlon XP2000
Motherboard - Gygabyte 7N600L
Video Card - NVidia geforce fx 5200 8x agp

   svgalib identifies the video chip as an NV3 but it is a geforce fx chipset.

   If any of the Linux gurus in the group has an idea of what I can do to get
this working to its full potential I would sure appreciate it.

Terry W7AMI