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Re: [linrad] "A" Keyboard Command

Thanks for the reference locations. I knew they were somewhere I had seen but could not remember where. The dumb blanker is truly unbelievable! The noise is everywhere, but peaks to the West. I'm sure you have seen my grid totals in the contest and realize large grid totals come from that direction (500 miles with winter conditions). The most amazing thing is that I can't hear any difference in noise floor while I tune through the noise source. The beacons that are in the South, southwest direction are impossible to copy unless the blanker is on. I will be a presenter at the North East Conference and will show some screen dumps. This system is so good that I will be using Linrad to receive all bands! I was going to try and communicate my problems with interference with the noise source, now I probably won't. I don't think the noise hurts my ability to work the "weak ones."
Life is good, thanks Leif, Stan