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[linrad] Re: Delta 44

Hello Pierre,

I was about to succeed today and lost...

Yesterday evening I had the D44 running the way it should. The controls
either in amixer or alsamixer were doing what they should. With an adc0
setting of 10% I had the noiselevel down to around 20dB which was fine.
I cannot recall what I did exactly, but after another (of about 50) tries of
configuring the boards in YaST it simply worked,
dev0: on board AC97, dev1: Delta 44. 

I know I am getting overrun errors at times when I start Linrad in runmode
5, as other tasks ar "nicking" CPU time of Linrad.
"Arts" really never seemd to be a problem when running Linrad.

Taking your advice I went to init3 after configuring the boards in Yast2 and
got linrad perfectly running. (I had modified /etc/inittab also to boot
directly in runlevel 3 a week ago and use the startx command to start KDE)

When rebooting the system however, ALSA and Linrad (of course) could not
find the D44 anymore. Linrad (when pressing U) would only find dev0, amixer
-c1 went "no such device" or some error message like that. Back in YaST when
checking the soundboards I got the following error message: (this is
translated as I run Suse in german) "The number of running soundcards does
not equal their number in the configuration files. Do you want to restart
the soundsystem?" When I did "OK", everything was fine again.
It was late and I went to bed.

Today I decided to insert a shell to overcome that problem. I named it "lir"
and it is basicly a copy of your script in the Linrad database, except I
could leave out the svgalib_helper bit as I run Linrad-01.32 which has this
routine built in and will load the helper file when booting.

I checked all the commands prior to starting the shell, adapted the paths
and amixer settings for my AC79 chip and started it from console out of kde.
All went fine, but after rebooting the system, the same problem occured.
ALSA would only recognize one soundcard.

When running the shell in runlevel 3 the feedback of the system looks ok to
me. The shell starts ALSA and then restores the last sound settings. This
should be OK, since we want exactly this to happen, don't we?
Mixer settings are stored and ALSA goes to stop when quitting Linrad.

Anyhow, I was playing around with the card configuration in Yast, when the
computer suddenly went very slow. I went to reebot and since then the audio
input level of adc0 cannot be reduced anymore. The amixer settings are still
the same but seem to have no influence anymore on the actual input level.
So there are basicly to problems that have to be solved:

a) how can I get the Delta44 controls back working and

b) how can I make ALSA recognize the second soundboard, without having to go
to KDE all the time and tell it "hey, there is a second board". There must
be a file somewhere where ALSA stores the settings before leaving X-Window
or system reboot.

Any help would be appreciated.

73s Daniel

Pierre wrote:

> I would suggest the following steps to find out what is going on  :
> 1.  Go in runlevel 3 and enter the command 'amixer -c1 contents'
> This command will show you all the possible amixer settings, and their 
> current contents,  for the Delta44 card.
> Note that 'c1' in this command assumes that the Delta44  is defined by
> Yast 
> as the second card.
> If case the  Delta 44 is defined as the first card, you must replace c1 by
> c0 in the amixer command .
> 2. For  the five 'numid ' numbers that are mentionned in my amixer
> settings 
> (see Linrad user databank),
> check the values on your system with the values I  am using.
> I they are not equal , replace the values on your system with the values I
> am using.
> P.S.
> - The command 'amixer -c1 contents' will show you many many possible 
> controls.
> Only the five controls I am using are relevant for Linrad.
> Don't care about the content of the other controls.
> - you can also use the command 'amixer -h' or 'man amixer' to get more 
> information about how to use the amixer command   .
> -don't run linrad in runlevel 5 because in runlevel 5, there is a daemon 
> running, called 'arts' that will interfere with Linrad if you use alsa.
> Good luck and keep me informed.




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