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[linrad] Re: SUCCESS! Svgalib_helper module not needed! Re: [linrad] Svgalib 1.9.20 under Debian kernel 2.4.27 ; Knoppix 3.8.1

'Zaba' OH1ZAA wrote:

Hello Roger & others!

Thank you for the great comments regarding svgalib-issues. I think
that we are by nature experimenters, and we rather like to try the
numerous permutations, instead of drowning ourselves into pages and
pages of instructions and manuals.

However, this time I am extremely happy that I read the README-file
of svgalib 1.9.20 because it quickly permitted a successful install!

Yes, accurate writing is very difficult. I noticed my own mistake
with lir01-33.tar (copy pasted) in my previous posting and I have
already corrected it in the repeats below. Yes, incorrect svgalib-
numbering appeared earlier in this thread and it was easy to pick
up from there..... and so we had a 1.1.x and a 1.2.x series that
(maybe) never existed, so I thought it was about time to correct.

No problem, we notice the mistake inmediately ;-)

It was interesting to hear that the .ko relates to the 2.6.x kernels.
My battle with svgalib_helper modules continued for one year without
success up to the point that I started to nick-name the .ko versions
as "knock-out" modules. At one point (possibly in Knoppix 3.4), there
were some garbled cross-pointers in the related variables to the wrong
libraries (i.e. intalled kernel 2.6.x pointing to 2.4.x-libs and vice
versa), so that things got very confusing. Then still the Knoppix distro
was presented as a "broken Debian", but generally speaking it was very
functional, and provided an HD-install with X and the network instantly
operational upon first boot. I expect that Knoppix 3.8.1 is even better.

Well now to the SUCCESSFUL SVGALIB-install  >>>>>

Expect this to happen only with svgalib 1.9.20 as it is mentioned also
on the svgalib.org pages: "There's a compile time option to revert to
using root privileges instead of the kernel helper". This was unclear
to me until I read the README-file. It explains that if you are willing
to run 'Linrad' as 'root', then you can do without svgalib_helper modules.

To achieve this, you delete one # in Makefile.cfg.  Open Makefile.cfg
with an editor and look for the line # NO_HELPER = y ... delete # and
then write the altered file back to HD ... quit the editor. Then execute
'make install' in the svgalib-1.9.20 directory ... and clap your hands!

Subsequently go to your linrad-directory and start up ./linrad .....

I'm not there yet... I have an USB mouse at present, so I have to pick
one of the svgalib-compatible mice. However, through previous experience
I know that things are very close. Sound issues have to be checked out.
I have valid licenses for OSS with options for Envy24/VIA/ISA-sounds. Up
to now I have had only simple 16-bit AC'97 sound or ISA in quick tests.

[My previous working install was a SuSE 8.0 kernel 2.4.18-SMP with a
dual Celeron-366 on the BP6-motherboard - still going strong: Win2k].

Given the experiences during the last couple of days, I am now pretty
confident that I have a good procedure for an operational 'Linrad' on
various PC's with the recent Debian-rc3 net-installer and kernel 2.4.27,
while using the NO_HELPER procedure described above. It will be a thrill
to integrate the Delta-44 sound card with 24-bit audio into the new system.

Well, I forgot to say that it is better that when you install Debian with the rc-3 installer, use the option "linux26". This will install Debian Sarge with the 2.6.8 kernel instead of the 2.4 kernel. I will be easier to install the sound modules, as linux2.6 comes with the alsa drivers included into the kernel.(I have to say that I do not know it the delta44 card has alsa drivers into the 2.6 kernel). Anyway, I think that it is better to install a 2.6 kernel than a 2.4 kernel.

We'll keep in touch for our experiments.

73, Ramiro.

Thank you all for reporting to us about your own 'Linrad' experiments!

                          73, "Zaba"  OH1ZAA/2   [The sky is no limit]

[Note: 'make install' did not create modules in .../kernel/svgalib_helper].

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