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[linrad] Directories and ETH-networks; Re: [linrad] new knoppix.iso

Sir Roger,

Great to hear the intermediate report of your "backgrounding"
for the next issue of the W3SZ-Linrad_Knoppix-Live_CD. Stand-
alone use of the Live_CD is of course the main objective in
order to ensure a quick access to "Linrad" for a wide public.

The "non-invasive" storage of a few small configuration files
onto any DOS/Win partitions would be desirable (referring to
W5UC's questions) and according to the Knoppix 3.8 approach.

Of secondary importance is the transfer of the Live_CD to the
hard disk. I noticed a few more things in the system after the
transfer. Using your documentation with the first release I was
finally able to start 'Linrad' from the /UNIONFS directory on
the CD. The problem was that 'locate' did not indicate the
/UNIONFS directory explicitly and therefore I could not find
the files. However, after the ('knoppix-installer') transfer
to the hard disk 'locate' yields only /root/linrad-01.33 and
there are only two files in that directory; 'locate' result:


With more Linux-experience I could maybe use these for starting
up 'Linrad'? I have not tried to install the CD after booting
from HD, to try to start 'Linrad from there, but that is a bit
contradictory to the idea of an exclusive HD-install, anyway.

Your first Live_CD version allows full usage of the Internet
services in graphics mode, but after the transfer to hard disk,
there is no detection any network cards (either HomePNA eth0
or Ethernet eth1); the fat penguin informs of no detectable
hardware for Network configuration.

Otherwise I got rid of the HomePNA startup problem through the
purchase of an A-link HomePNA-Ethernet converter, so that the
network looks as if it were a genuine 100 Mbit/s Ethernet. It
means that the PC-needs to have an Ethernet port, which is
usually immediately recognized by the 2.6.x -kernels. However,
this will be only beneficial after the transfer of the W3SZ_
Live_CD will include all network features of Knoppix 3.8.1

                                     73, "Zaba"  OH1ZAA/2

At 00:59 8.5.2005 -0400, W3SZ wrote:

Hello, all,

I have made a new knoppix.iso and will upload it and send out a note after
I have tested it a bit more.

This version differs from the first in that:

1.  I eliminated games to make more space [and used up the space thus
created, as noted below].

2.  I updated and upgraded package versions as suggested.

3.  I changed the startup script by
a. providing a loop so that one doesn't need to enter XWindows after
exiting Linrad
        b.  providing an option to use joe to edit 'libvga.config' by just
selecting a menu item
        c.  allowing one to cycle thru choices to run Linrad or edit
libvga.config as many times as desired before leaving the loop to enter

On my machine here, anyway, when I save the configuration and image as
previously described, my altered libvga.config file remains as I altered
it when I reboot.  This is nice.

4. I put the oss install files in the directory /home/knoppix/oss but did
not install oss, as doing so would remove the alsa sound modules from the
kernel, and I do not want this to happen since I use my installation to
make the Live-CDs.

This is important because I therefore did NOT install OSS to make sure it
works.  I downloaded the NONREGPARM version and put it on the disk, as
this is what my Debian installation used IIRK.  I hope this is correct.

I will upload the new CD and send out a notice after I try some more to
break things, and am satisfied that I can't do so.



Roger Rehr

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