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[linrad] Re: Directories and ETH-networks; Re: [linrad] new knoppix.iso

First let me say that it turns out that the download bandwidth from Rein's site has become so high due to the Knoppix CD that it will cost him considerable funds just for what has already been downloaded in the past few days. And the potential cost is open-ended

So, because of the cost to Rein of further downloads, I am removing the Knoppix.iso from his website. We cannot ask him to bear those costs. Several of us including Rein are looking for alternative sites. I have already spent 4 hours this AM in this search. If you have any thoughts, please let me know. I had thought there would be a whole bunch of sites whose business model was "post here for free downloading, and give us the right to send out CD's to those who don't want to/can't download, at the price of our choosing" but I haven't found any of those. They would be perfect for our purposes if they existed and had reasonable bandwidth and were free of adware, spyware, etc. I thought mixonix or SwiftCD would fit the bill, but they don't appear to.

Please don't start downloading the KnoppixCD from Rein's site now, as you will find yourself cutoff in the midst of a download when it disappears shortly.

Now to answer Zaba's excellent questions:

On Sun, 08 May 2005 05:24:16 -0400, 'Zaba' OH1ZAA <zaba@xxxxxx> wrote:

Sir Roger,

Great to hear the intermediate report of your "backgrounding"
for the next issue of the W3SZ-Linrad_Knoppix-Live_CD. Stand-
alone use of the Live_CD is of course the main objective in
order to ensure a quick access to "Linrad" for a wide public.

The "non-invasive" storage of a few small configuration files
onto any DOS/Win partitions would be desirable (referring to
W5UC's questions) and according to the Knoppix 3.8 approach.

This is already set up and working as a part of the standard Knoppix distribution, which I didn't change. Knoppix will put image files in the Windows partition that will not damage anything. I've outlined it before, but here it is again. When in graphics mode, click on the Fat Penguin. Then click "Configure". THen click "Create a persistent KNOPPIX disk image". Then select your Windows partition [or a linux or other partition if you wish] and specifiy the image size. 100MB is standard, I made it 200 MB for no particular reason. To save the configuration, again click on the Fat Penguin. Then click "Configure". THen click "Save KNOPPIX Configuration" and agian you will be presented with a list of disk partitions. Select one. Don't save with a password, or you will hate yourself everytime you have to type it in on booting.

ALL of this works perfectly here, so I don't know what to do if there are problems.

Of secondary importance is the transfer of the Live_CD to the
hard disk. I noticed a few more things in the system after the
transfer. Using your documentation with the first release I was
finally able to start 'Linrad' from the /UNIONFS directory on
the CD. The problem was that 'locate' did not indicate the
/UNIONFS directory explicitly and therefore I could not find
the files. However, after the ('knoppix-installer') transfer
to the hard disk 'locate' yields only /root/linrad-01.33 and
there are only two files in that directory; 'locate' result:


With more Linux-experience I could maybe use these for starting
up 'Linrad'? I have not tried to install the CD after booting
from HD, to try to start 'Linrad from there, but that is a bit
contradictory to the idea of an exclusive HD-install, anyway.

When in the 'Live CD' mode, having booted from CD, the important files are as follows:

libvga.config that you modify/have modified is in:
/etc/vga and
I believe this is a redundant file naming scheme peculiar to the 'Live' installation

The original libvga.config file is in
This is not alterable.

The Linrad files are in

The directory /KNOPPIX/root/linrad-01.33 does NOT contain the Linrad files.

When one is using the Knoppix installation without the CD, having installed it on the hard drive, the default directory on entering terminal mode is displayed as [~]. This is actually /home/knoppix. NOTE THAT THE DIRECTORY STRUCTURE WITH THE HARD DRIVE INSTALLATION IS NOT THE SAME AS ON THE LIVE CD. Failure to recognize this will lead to unending confusion. Unless you are a developer you should stick to one or the other; Live CD or HD install; not flip/flop between the two. I have found NOTHING that can be done with Live CD that can't be done with the hard drive installation. On the other hand, there are restrictions in the Live CD mode that are absent in a permanent hard drive installation.

When in permanent hard drive installation mode, the default /home/knoppix directory contains:
S80w3szlinrad and possible S80w3szlinrad modified [depending on CD version downloaded]
svgalib-1.9.21 [dir]
linrad-01.33 [dir]
oss [dir]

YOU SHOULD NOT BE MAKING A PERMANENT HARD DRIVE INSTALLATION unless you are prepared to spend a lot of time with Linux, and are willing to risk damage to the other operating systems on your drives if you make an error.

/root contains image files for the Live CD, not the file folders found in /UNIONFS in the Live CD installation.

Your first Live_CD version allows full usage of the Internet
services in graphics mode, but after the transfer to hard disk,
there is no detection any network cards (either HomePNA eth0
or Ethernet eth1); the fat penguin informs of no detectable
hardware for Network configuration.

I do not know what happened to you here. My hard drive installation had all of the network capability that I had with Live CD; things work perfectly. Try going to Live CD and saving disk image and configuration as noted above, and then go into hard drive and see if things work.

Or, go into live CD and make sure the network is working properly and then save image and configuration files as above, and then reinstall the hard disk version.

Otherwise I got rid of the HomePNA startup problem through the
purchase of an A-link HomePNA-Ethernet converter, so that the
network looks as if it were a genuine 100 Mbit/s Ethernet. It
means that the PC-needs to have an Ethernet port, which is
usually immediately recognized by the 2.6.x -kernels. However,
this will be only beneficial after the transfer of the W3SZ_
Live_CD will include all network features of Knoppix 3.8.1

I didn't remove any of the network features. Everything works here, and I am at a loss to explain why they don't work there, Zaba.



Roger Rehr

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