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[linrad] Need for a freeze; Re: [linrad] Re: Linux Strikes Again

Mike & others!

I think that it is time for a freeze, or at least a tagging
of solid Milestones. All the other stuff is for developers.

Roger/W3SZ's Live-CD is a great thing (Milestone!) for running
'Linrad' without an install on a hard drive. Every new version
is welcome as long as it works upon CDROM-boot.

Actually 'Linrad' has changed very little through the years as far
as the basic requirements go. It is possibly not critical regarding
the kernel, and will probably run on any kernel from the early ages
of 'Linux'. It just needs an operational SVGALIB package in one form
or the other for the hardware in question. Leif may be able to comment
whether a lir00-xx through lir01-34 would work on the same platform.

Since it is so easy to get the 2.6.x kernels, we might as well stick
with kernel 2.6.11 and up and SVGALIB 1.9.21 (Onward and Upward, Mike).

The reason I mention the need for a freeze, is due to the fact that
all this play with the fine detail will hold us off from the efforts
to get a real-life system working. Soon it will be Winter again and we
will have missed the Es-season experiments (talking about 50 MHz here).
I am talking about pure private experience, as there are many running
systems around; I am thinking also about integral effort, the total
of burnt energy (due to endless repeats and "labyrinth-learning").

There is a group of operators that has trained themselves to install
SVGALIB and LINRAD onto a hard drive after installing a viable Linux.
That could be freeze No_1: e.g. Install plain Knoppix 3.8.2 and then
add svgalib 1.9.x and lir01-3x. Then just "happily" run that stuff....

Freeze No_2: to have one solid Live-CD/W3SZ that is working after a
hard drive install, and that will allow to add new versions of LINRAD
by hand, or with subsequent Live-CD_releases [without other changes].

The above is for regular users. For developers anything else is still
very welcome, but including all the attached warnings and deterrents.
LINRAD should not be frozen - just the intermediate platforms.

                                       73, "Zaba"  OH1ZAA/2

P.S. Mike: actually what I was telling you is, that you need to modify
     some of the files; the URL-link shows that there are changes on the
     new versions, but I have not seen the latest ISO's. You are stuck
     unless you upgrade yourself to a developer, with all the risks....

At 14:39 23.5.2005 -0500, W5UC wrote:

Zaba, I am not sure what you are telling me.  Are you saying that if I go
to the URL you show, it will provide a version that will do a complete
install?  OR, am I stuck until the current W3SZ file is modified to
properly install on HDD?

We could debate the merits of Linux for a long time.  My simple mind just
can not grasp it.  In my view windows is a straight forward system.  Linux
on the other hand is in no way an intuitive instrument.  There just
appears to be no logic to it.  BUT, this is neither here nor there, as I
am forced to deal with Linux if I want to try to get rid of some of this noise.

Onward and upward.


At 10:15 PM 5/23/2005 +0300, you wrote:

Well, Mike, this is no surprise to you, is it?

Nothing wrong with Linux; just the install program
is not fully thought out for starting off the HD...

About a week ago I prepared a small guide for a few
edits to get these minor things right, but then Roger
announced that he had a new version. And since I did
not have the new one, I did not want to confuse the
public, in case there were structural modifications

If I took the piece of paper with me (from the radio
QTH, 170 miles from here) then I can reconstruct the
few needed instructions. However, from memory it is
impossible to be precise. Anyway in the one config-
file you have to remove five instances of /UNIONFS
to get back to an operational 'Linrad' upon boot.

As soon as I get to the other local address, I can
start the search for my notes (150 ft from here).

                           73, "Zaba"  OH1ZAA-½

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