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[linrad] RE: How to configure sound mixer

> In fact I am looking for a programme which in "real time" can do a better
> decoding of weak morse on the microwaves than the processor in my 
> head. Nor the windows programmes, nor linrad do it.
I do not know the characteristics of microwave signals very
well. It would be very interesting to have two or three samples
to try. Maybe you have not quite used optimum parameters for
Linrad, I am surprised you say there is no improvement and
I would like to test this for myself. Someone, maybe it was you,
sent a file long ago but I can not find it. 

I would like a few .WAV files containing a microwave signal that
is at the threshold and that you can copy only fragments from.
I would run it through Linrad to see if it is processed correctly
with the QSB and frequency drift of a microwave signal. Maybe
I find there is some possible improvement. In any case I would like
to convince myself that Linrad is doing what it is intended to
do on microwave EME signals. The human brain has a bandwidth
of about 50Hz as far as I know. If the spectral width of the 
signal is wide as that, maybe there is not anything one could
do to improve. I do not know, but I would be interested to try 
to find out.

To make it reasonably easy to work with I would like the recordings
to last about one minute.


Leif / SM5BSZ