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Re: [linrad] WG: How to configure sound mixer

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Sent: Friday, January 24, 2003 12:24 PM
Subject: RE: [linrad] WG: How to configure sound mixer

> Arie there are windows programs out there but there are non that I know of
> that will allow you to click on any signal in the waterfall and have that
> signal mixed with a BFO so it appears in your headphones at a pitch
> predetermined by you. This is one of Linrad's exclusive benefits. If you
> have a signal that is at say 7kHz in the waterfall display then it will
> appear at 7khz in your earphones with all the other programs that I am
> of.
> Of course Matt and Gunter are correct that they should use the native
> drivers if they work. I have a Delta 44 and therefore no choice!
> Conrad G0RUZ
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> Subject: Re: [linrad] WG: How to configure sound mixer
> Dr all,
> Reading the problems about setting  mixers I can only tell my situation,
> it might help to get some insight.
> In the shack I use a thinkpad 600E laptop.( No space for desktops).
> This 600E has  rather strange soundcard. It seems to be a cs4610 PCI card,
> but that card also can be driven as a cs4236 isa.
> In Windows the pci driver is installed as well as the isa driver.
> Under Linux this is different. The PCI card cannot be accessed. Using ALSA
> the configurator even says something like "your card is a cs4610 but you
> should install the cs4236 in a 600E".
> Looking in the IRQ and port setup inWindows AND in Linx with ALSA it
> that there is a separate "control port" -in my case 0x538-besides the
> audio port ( in my case 0x530). Only the ALSA driver and the Windows
> connect to this port and the mixers behave well separating the input and
> output, so real duplex.
> Using the Kernel drivers only cs4232 is available. It works somewhat but
> mixer controls do not act correctly and it appears the control port cannot
> be set. Using OSS the same applies. I have got several email exchanges
> the OSS developer but also OSS has not driver available which gives access
> to the control port.
> In case other soundcards aso have the audio port separate from the control
> port that can be the reason for those mixer problems.
> Linrad does not seem to work well with ALSA, probably as Linrad does not
> know how to use the control port.I therefore cannot use Linrad. I appears
> several Windows programmes do the same job in filtering signals out of the
> noise on the microwaves. And their waterfalls are very good. With my
> soundcard I am limited to 20 kHz view width.
> 73 to all
> Arie Dogterom, PA0EZ
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