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Re: [linrad] external audio I/O device for laptops

I'm finding some USB adapters that do 24bit 96kHz but not having
much luck discovering how to run under linux. Is anyone running
USB A/D (sound card) with other than standard 16bit 44/48kHz?
I found a linux usb audio driver but it's not clear if the thing
will work with these fancier cards. Have any of you guys messed
with these things?

M-Audio Sonica Theater and one of the SoundBlaster Extigy devices
are advertised as 24bit 96kHz. M-Audio at $100 and Soundblaster
at about $140.

On Tue, 20 May 2003 bob@xxxxxxx wrote:

> Wonder if anyone has found an inexpensive 96kHz external audio
> I/O device with USB 2.0 or IEEE1934 interface for use with
> laptops. Preferably something that obtains power via the USB
> or firewire cable.
> If nothing, what about 48kHz?
> It seems all the smaller laptops(notebooks) have no line in and
> the microphone in is single channel.
> -Bob