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Re: [linrad] linrad installation problem

   Hello Henk,

   Yes indeed, that is what I experience with linux. 
   Like in my case I found out that the Kernel was not
   completely installed. It is like installing part of dos or
   windows, at least that is the way, I see it.
   What was messing is the Kernal-Source, some 40 MB by the way.
   I am sure for the experienced linux user this is beyond
   imagination such a thing to happen.  
   After Arie had made me aware that there was probably something
   wrong with the kernel I found this out. 
   I think Linux is probably great for the user interested in
   Word processing, Internet matters, spreadsheets  few games
   and the like.
   Wat I really miss here, is the ability to install and de-install
   programs etc and in particular knowing and be able to trace and
   correct problems in these area's as missing include files and 
   so on. 
   Not that these files are sometimes missing but they sit in 
   directories where they can not be found by the compiler.
   If you program in C, VB or Java all this stuff sits nicely
   in places where the compiler has no trouble finding it.
   I guess you can only learn this by playing with it and do a lot
   of reading.
   As stated here, books are not needed, In all those books I have there
   they have 2 pages or less on manual installing things ( ./configure,
   make, make install as that is all there is to it. 
   I can't see any way how the casual linux user CAN work with this and
   it has to be the Achilles heel of Linrad. UnlesS the group comes up 
   with a standard configuration for people that have not worked with
   Linux for whatever time. 
   I also have to say that statements, as Linux should be free and you
   just download it, are not helpful for beginners. You try to download
   on a regular dial-up user with the phone company's counter running
   everywhere except in the US is case. So I would say 5 Euros for 3
   is a bargain. On the other hand there are books like RED HEAD and
   books centered around RH for dummies that come with the cd's
   Talking about a standard approach  for Linrad. In my opinion, it is
   really does not matter whether we go RH, Mandrake, SuSE, Debian or
   Caldera or what ever. They cost all the same except RH now. 
   A video card is no big expense, and one of the many regular 
   soundblaster cards is no problem either. OK the Delta44 is another
   story. I have one here. But I like to get LINRAD working with just 
   the audio part first and the onboard sound section as I am not quite 
   sure that spending the USD 70 for the OPENSOUND driver for the 
   DELTA 44 and second card driver will put me in business. 
   It is certainly not my intention to scare anyone or complain but
   in my opinion DSP in weak signal is of the most importance if amateur
   radio weak signal work is to survive from here on forward, as the
   saying goes. 
   Linrad is a system that could let people enjoy weak signal being it 
   on EME. VLF or 40m QRP or what have you. It conserves the beloved
   morse code if nothing else
   Fewer people on the world scene and even in this United States
   are allowed or have the resources to build a full blown 
   station. Most of today's amateurs have to limit amateur radio
   to having an HT strapped  to their their belt. They have
   never experienced a OH, SM of Russian station coming in over the 
   pole with flutter or long path communication or so many other
   areas in our hobby 
   And if there is really only one user with a full operational 
   system, it is too bad and a waste of time that Leif has and is 
   spending to develop the software. His intentions go probably 
   beyond applications in Amateur Radio. But that is just a guess
   from this side. 
   73 Rein W6/PA0ZN      

Henk wrote:
> Hi Rien,
> Arie pointed in the right direction. Indeed the gcc is missing.
> Nice to know that installations are not complete....
> I downloaded a gcc and tried the installation. It asks for a cc (another
> compiler!) in order to install the compiler!?.
> This incomplete Linux stuff is driving me crazy!!
> I will have to find a "Linux-nerd"  to help me, because this is getting me
> nowhere..
> 73 Henk
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> >
> >    Hello Henk,
> >
> >    That is all Linux!. If you compile, the compiler needs and is
> >    using files which are located in all sorts of directories all
> >    over your hard drive. These locations vary form one distribution
> >    and possible version to another. Is is a big pain and you
> >    may see one user compiling without any problems and a few lines
> >    while another experiences all kinds of files missing in the
> >    process. I guess the point is to get all needed files located
> >    in the right directories.
> >    I hope this keeps you from throwing the computer in the corner.
> >    You are not the first person experiencing this, believe me.
> >
> >    I had Leifs installation processing running the first time I did
> >    it without any problems but my sound card input does not get
> >    disconnected from its output so much for that. I have been
> >    fighting this problem now for weeks and nobody else seems
> >    to have this problem. Though there are hundreds of questions
> >    on the different linux reflectors about sounds in Linux!
> >    BTW Arie provides excellent help.
> >
> >    73 Rein W6/PA0ZN