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RE: [linrad] Help for SB16

Hi All,

JR1EDE wrote: 
> I have recently installed lir00-46 in Redhat 7.2J (kernel 2.4.19)
> with oss397c-linux-v2x for Creative Sound Blaster 16 (yes ISA).
> Everything look fine but linrad can't find the device.
> (Error - "No device found for 8/16 bit output")
There are several Soundblaster 16 boards.
The Vibra 16 X can not do duplex at all.
The Vibra 16 C can do full duplex, but only with a single
device that has to be opened in RDWR mode. That means the
input and output sampling speeds have to be identical.
(Linrad allows you to specify different values but then
the output speed will be used for input also and the program
will fail after a short time due to a timing error.

> Linrad says;
> "Use ossmix to select input and to disable direct connection from
> input to output etc."
> What does above mean? My ossmix doesn't have such control...
I do not know all the possible (and impossible) settings for
all the different boards that can be used with oss.
That is why the message is so cryptic. The idea is that you ask
someone - on this list fore example:-)

For SB16 boards the switches are llinesw and rlinesw and they
should be set to OFF.

I was surprised (and pleased) to read the answer from Oki:
> I had same error with OSS driver, but not with ALSA.
> I think you should try ALSA, as well. 
> Some recent destributions are optimized for ALSA, at reast my 
> destribution is.
> I don't know the Redhat 7.2J is optimized for ALSA, or not.
> ALSA has better performance than OSS anyway. Do you have 
> paticular reason still
> using OSS ?
> Here are just for information. My configurations;
>     cpu: pentium mmx 233MHz
>     sound card: ESS1869
>     linrad: lir00-46
>     linux destribution: Omoikane(subset of the Debian)
>     ALSA driver: ALSA 0.5 snd-card-es18xx
I have had ploblems with ALSA, I tried several combinations of hardware
and software and most often without sucess. I think the situation with
ALSA is improving rapidly but I am very busy with hardware so I do not 
spend time investigating new releases.

The first box in the series of converters I am designing for use with
Linrad (or any other SDR) is now announced at http://www.antennspecialisten.se

Click on "products" then "amateur radio"

The first batch is expected here next week, I will check them myself so
I can make changes (if required) to the number of turns on the coils to
make sure the tuning is not systematically close to an endpoint.
The units will hopefully be at Antennspecialisten in two or three weeks. 

I will be away for a week or so, leaving monday. I will probably 
loose some E-mails due to mailbox overflow.....


Leif  /  SM5BSZ