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[linrad] SB16 and Linrad

JR1EDE wrote:
 > I have recently installed lir00-46 in Redhat 7.2J (kernel 2.4.19)
 > with oss397c-linux-v2x for Creative Sound Blaster 16 (yes ISA).
 > Everything look fine but linrad can't find the device.
 > (Error - "No device found for 8/16 bit output")

I also have an ISA SB16 card and am using oss for my sound server.   I run 
a small program before I start Linrad to set all the levels and 
switches.   Here are the steps...
/usr/lib/oss/ossmix vol 90
/usr/lib/oss/ossmix bass 50
/usr/lib/oss/ossmix treble 50
/usr/lib/oss/ossmix synth 0
/usr/lib/oss/ossmix synth.rec OFF
/usr/lib/oss/ossmix pcm 75
/usr/lib/oss/ossmix speaker 0
/usr/lib/oss/ossmix line 45
/usr/lib/oss/ossmix line.rec ON
/usr/lib/oss/ossmix mic 0
/usr/lib/oss/ossmix mic.rec OFF
/usr/lib/oss/ossmix cd 0
/usr/lib/oss/ossmix cd.rec OFF
/usr/lib/oss/ossmix mix 0
/usr/lib/oss/ossmix igain 75
/usr/lib/oss/ossmix ogain 75
/usr/lib/oss/ossmix omix.llinesw OFF
/usr/lib/oss/ossmix omix.rlinesw OFF
/usr/lib/oss/ossmix omix.cdsw OFF
/usr/lib/oss/ossmix omix.micsw OFF
/usr/lib/oss/ossmix misc.agc OFF

    You should be able to save these and make the file an executable.   You 
may need to change the level setting to suit your installation.   Hope this 
helps you.

Terry  KJ7F