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RE: [linrad] Took the bait.

Hi Leif,

Mine is a non-MMX Pentium.  I just happened to have
an old computer sitting idle, and I thought I'd try
to get some use out of it.  It sounds like I'd be
better off turning it into a multi-op contest
logging computer.  I have this nasty habit of only
upgrading my hardware once every 4-5 years.  It saves
money, but the down-side is that they always find a
way to make all of the hardware incompatible.  I
usually wind up having to buy a whole new machine
(even the case).

My normal workstation (this one) is a P-II/400, and
it works fine for most apps, but it won't be a top
performer for Linrad either.  My XYL (N6QBD) has an
identical machine.  I guess I should see if our ATX
cases can handle the power/cooling requirements for
some new P4 or Athlon motherboards.

Of course, we all know that someday you'll make Linrad
capable of running on a Beowulf cluster so we can stack
up our old CPUs, digitize the whole band, and make that
noise blanker work REALLY well ;-)

Thanks & 73,
Dan  KB5MY

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Hi Dan,

I did not see anyone reply on your posting.

> I'll have the following CPU hardware available immediately:
>  Tyan S1470 MB/Pentium 200/64MB RAM/5 PCI, 4 ISA
>  Diamond Stealth 3D 3000 PCI Video
>  Creative Labs SB AWE32 (ISA) for sound output
>  Delta 44 for baseband input....when it arrives ;-)
>  3COM 3C509 (ISA) Ethernet card (my house is networked)
>  Maxtor 5.1 GB HD (unused)
>  etc. ....
> Will this fly at a reasonable speed, or will I need some
> newer hardware with built-in warp drive?
If you want to run the Delta 44 at 96 kHz sampling 2 radio
channels in I/Q mode for 96 kHz bandwidth (4 audio channels)
you will need a Pentium III at 600 MHz or equivalent.

With a Pentium MMX at 200 MHz you can process something
like 2 x 20 kHz bandwidth but if it is an old Pentium without
MMX, the cpu speed will limit your bandwidth to 2 x 10kHz or so.

Leif  /  SM5BSZ