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[linrad] Debian-Woody does Linrad plus some problems

Hi All !

For what it´s worth: here´s my experience installing linrad on
Debian/Woody .

How I did it:

1. Got a Debian Netinstall CD (www.debian.org , "downloads") . This CD
is bootable and contains a small subset of the Debian distro. Use this
to install Debian over the (Inter-)net. As I have a DSL connection, this
was the fastest way. With this I installed a small Debian (<150 MB). I
used "Taskel" to install the C/C++ development packages.No extra
packages, did not run dselect yet.

2. After that (new start + login as root) I installed a new kernel :
"apt-get install kernel-image-2.4.18-686". (Attention ALSA users: use a
kernel for which ALSA support is listed in dselect and install the ALSA
modules).  The script complains about the  initrd=/initrd.img missing in
/etc/lilo.conf , just  choose to go on with the install. After the
script finished, edit your lilo.conf and add the above line to the
"Linux" part of the file. Start "lilo" to install the new bootblock. Reboot.

3. Then I started "modconf" to include the sounddriver I needed (go to
the sound part of the menu). I also needed to reinstall the network
driver (59x Vortex in the net menu) . As for sound I installed soundcore
and ymfpci , the ac97 codec gets installed automatically.

4. used "dselect" to install "svgalibg1-dev" and "nasm" packages (took
me a while to find out where vga.h was).

5. Adapted  /etc/vga/libvga.config to include support for my
intellimouse. I had to change the "mdev" statement to point to my
/dev/psaux . I also had to take out the power-accelleration.

6. got the linrad sourcecode, did "./configure"  , did "make" and
started linrad. Success !

Now I have linrad running on a P400 running Debian/Woody.

Some smaller and bigger things that cause me problems:
(this is where I need some help)

a. I don´t know how to disconnect input from output (aumix ? how?)
b. The decoded signal does not appear directly at the output of the
soundcard. I have to press F1 in the spectrum view and press the
any-key. After that, the signal appears.
c. I don´t know how to change the samplerate of the soundcard (now
sampling 8000 Hz -which SHOULD be enough)
d. Changing between shells (alt-Fx) is not possible (returning to linrad
gives a black screen). This is annoying as I can´t use aumix and linrad
at the same time
e. Linrad crashes frequently over some D/A errors
c. I did not see a list-archive

Other than that: great programm with a lot of potential

de Peter,DH2FBY