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RE: [linrad] Linrad on Redhat Linux 8.0

Hi All,

Kohjin, JR1EDE wrote:
> I've been worked on the latest release of RedHat Linux 8.0
> which was released at 30th Sept Monday this week.
> Oh well, 8.0 is just different, it's more Windowz like desktop
> environment whatever you would like or not.
> GCC version included is 3.2 and Linrad doesn't compile!
> So here I've found to solve;
> Makefile.in (lir00-47):
> 	Delete '-I/usr/local/include' option.
> 	Above -I option produces GCC errors!
> 	Or, you can just edit Makefile and delete this option.
I no longer remember what distribution needed this in order to find
vga.h and vgagl.h.  Mandrake 8.1 which I am currently using does not
need this makefile statement so I have removed it.

I guess the configure script should be used to include this line
on systems that need it. I do not know how to do so I hope removing
the include directory option entirely will cause fewer problems
than leaving it in place (??)
Any suggestion how to modify the configure script (and Makefile.in)
to make sure there will be no problem with any Linux distribution ?


Leif  /  SM5BSZ