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[linrad] Linrad on Redhat Linux 8.0

Hi Leif and all,

I've been worked on the latest release of RedHat Linux 8.0
which was released at 30th Sept Monday this week.
Oh well, 8.0 is just different, it's more Windowz like desktop
environment whatever you would like or not.

GCC version included is 3.2 and Linrad doesn't compile!
So here I've found to solve;

Makefile.in (lir00-47):
	Delete '-I/usr/local/include' option.
	Above -I option produces GCC errors!
	Or, you can just edit Makefile and delete this option.

	Now 4Front (OSS distributor) has the latest new version
	updated for RedHat Linux 8.0.
	OSS 3.9.7d announced for ALL operating systems;
	Download and install it.
	You will notice an audio test comes at installation and
	there is no error detected in Delta 44 as was in 3.9.7c.

I found that CPU load in 'ps aux' or 'top' shows less than 40%
whilst more than 90% on RedHat 7.3 and older.
I don't mean I would recommend 8.0, I'm just evaluating it now.

Kohjin - JR1EDE