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RE: [linrad]console switching (used to be: Debian......)

Hello, Matt and all!

Well, I generally run Linrad in Xwindows.  I can alt-F1, alt-F2 etc and
log in to those other command-mode consoles, and when I come back to
Linrad all seems OK, but I do get an overrun error message in the lower
right hand corner of the linrad spectrum display when I do that.  No
problems though.

But if I alt-F7 while linrad is running I go back to the original x
window from which I started linrad, and I am then locked out of linrad
and must cntl-c to stop linrad and then restart linrad to get back in to

So, once I have gone back to an x window console I cannot get back to
linrad.  I thought that this is what others were referring to when they
said they couldn't switch consoles.  Going back and forth from linrad to
command mode consoles is not a problem for me here.

I can also start linrad from a command mode console and switch to other
command mode consoles and to the xwindows console.  In this case I CAN
get back to linrad from both the command mode consoles and the xwindows
console and all seems to work fine.

I use ATI Radeon AGP video card and have run with RHL 6.x, 7.0, 7.2, and

I hope that helps.  Thanks to Matt for his note; otherwise I wouldn't
have thought to post this.


Roger Rehr
W3SZ   FN20ah
2 Merrymount Road
Reading, PA  19609-1718

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> On Tuesday 08 October 2002 14:56, Leif wrote:
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> > > d. Changing between shells (alt-Fx) is not possible (returning to
> > > linrad gives a black screen). This is annoying as I can? 
> use aumix 
> >and
> > > linrad at the same time
> >
> > Yes. This is due to svgalib (I think it is unavoidable).
> >
> >
> I've read these comments about linrad not surviving changes between 
> virtual consoles, but haven't had time to give my experiences.
> I can start linrad on console #1, switch to #2 (ALT-F2) 
> login, run aumix 
> or whatever, switch back to #1, and linrad is still running.  
> While I am 
> away from #1 there is no audio output from linrad.  I can 
> even switch to 
> Xwindow (ALT-F7), run gmix, check email, etc. and then switch back to 
> Vconsole #1 and linrad is still running (maybe it would be 
> more accurate 
> to say that linrad seems to sleep while using other 
> Vconsoles, and then 
> 'wakes up' when I switch back.)  There is a slight delay (about one 
> second) after switching before I hear any audio when 
> returning to linrad.
> This has happened with all the versions of linrad I've tried. 
>  I'm running 
> Mandrake 8.0 right now, but IIRC it worked the same in RedHat 
> 7.0.  The 
> video card is an old Cirrus Logic PCI model with a GD5429 chipset.
> 73  Matt  KB0VUK