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Re: [linrad]console switching (used to be: Debian......)

On Tuesday 08 October 2002 14:56, Leif wrote:
> > d. Changing between shells (alt-Fx) is not possible (returning to
> > linrad gives a black screen). This is annoying as I can? use aumix and
> > linrad at the same time
> Yes. This is due to svgalib (I think it is unavoidable).

I've read these comments about linrad not surviving changes between 
virtual consoles, but haven't had time to give my experiences.

I can start linrad on console #1, switch to #2 (ALT-F2) login, run aumix 
or whatever, switch back to #1, and linrad is still running.  While I am 
away from #1 there is no audio output from linrad.  I can even switch to 
Xwindow (ALT-F7), run gmix, check email, etc. and then switch back to 
Vconsole #1 and linrad is still running (maybe it would be more accurate 
to say that linrad seems to sleep while using other Vconsoles, and then 
'wakes up' when I switch back.)  There is a slight delay (about one 
second) after switching before I hear any audio when returning to linrad.

This has happened with all the versions of linrad I've tried.  I'm running 
Mandrake 8.0 right now, but IIRC it worked the same in RedHat 7.0.  The 
video card is an old Cirrus Logic PCI model with a GD5429 chipset.

73  Matt  KB0VUK