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Re: [linrad] W3SZ system configuration and console switching..answer to Kohjon'sposted questions LONG

Hello Roger and all,

Thank you very much for your input I'm sure our post will be of help.
I will reply or add if necessary but I won't repeat it each by each.
Please understand that I'm not an expert in Linux but Unix has been
my favorite operation system for years, that's all.
Also please understand my limited language I always pay attention
and spend my time long as necessary trying not to write incorrect.

At 10:18 02/10/12 -0400, you wrote:
>There seem to be a LOT of differences in what problems occur on
>different systems, so I will list first some of my system
>Dell Pentium 4 1.4 GHz

Yes, certainly you are right.
Mine is Pentium III 500 MHz, not too slow it's alright:-)
>I have used several versions of RHL.  I am currently running 7.2,
>release 2.4.7-10.  I have kept current with updates WHERE I think I need
>them.  I have NOT installed all possible updates, as many of the files
>are not necessary and will just bloat the system.  I have kept gcc and
>the other important files updated consistently.

I think update for gcc and it's related packages will be enough.
Mine is RHL 7.3 kernel 2.4.18-10.

>I have 256 MB RAM.

384 MB here.

>Video Card is ATI Radeon (generic driver).  Linux identifies this as
>"Radeon QD".  It is an AGP card.

Now, this looks important:-)
Mine is Matrox Millennium G400 AGP

>Sound cards are the Delta44 and a SoundBlaster (Ensoniq) PCI64 that OSS
>identified as 'Ensoniq AudioPCI97' using the es1371 driver.

Almost same;
Delta 44 and a SoundBlaster (Ensoniq) PCI128 with OSS
5880 Ensoniq AudioPCI using same es1371 driver.

>I have gcc version 2.96.

Same here too; 'gcc -v' tells me 2.96-112.
By the way, gcc version 2.96 was firstly presented as a preliminary
release of 3.0 but RedHat has (badly) distributed it.
I read above in some IT magazine.

>NEVER any corrupted display in Linrad.  So the video card or its driver
>or some other difference between our setups is the key here.

So, this is really the big surprise!!!

>Thank you VERY much for this information Kohjin, it has saved us a LOT
>of frustration I am sure!

My thanks to you Roger!
I hope Leif will soon solve this out.

Share and Enjoy!

Kohjin - JR1EDE