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RE: [linrad] Internal Error 1040 with linrad and SuSE 7.3

Hello Ernst,

> i get always an error code:
> INTERNAL ERROR: 1040 (errno 22)
> routine:set_analog_io    file setad.c
> call to ioctl failed. (SNDCTL_DSP_SPEED)

On line 597:  min=1 in the file setad.c

Try to set min = 8000Hz. (or some other value that you know 
is ok for your hardware)

Some versions of ALSA are not compatible with OSS and old Linux sound.
The call to ioctl is supposed to set the lowest acceptable speed
on return and not cause an error.

Please tell me if it helps to set a higher speed. If it does, I will 
make Linrad try some other minimum speeds rather than going directly
to an error exit if setting 1Hz does not work to return something 


Leif  /  SM5BSZ