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[linrad] Tigers about to land here

Hello Roger,

Welcome back from MWU!
I think you have enjoyed the conference, was it good?

Our Tigers from SM7 are about to land here Japan too.
One of the guy wrote to me it will be Tuesday or so.
I was very pleased they are so kind trusting me well
you know I haven't sent the money.
Now, I must buy a power supply.
Probably we will design a AD831 2.5MHz IF image reject mixer
and use PTS-040 for it's LO.

I've been still working with PTS program now it's running
on Visual Basic on WinXP.
Mostly fine but 100KHz and low frequency digits can't program
in real time. Only MHz can.
Strange however, after PTS power OFF/ON then it outputs
the value programmed before switching OFF/ON.

Don't you have a 040 manual? Maybe John?

More tomorrow,

Kohjin - JR1EDE