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Re: [linrad] Delta44 board


for a single station this is not important at all. All Creative 
boards I have tried (all of them old ISA stuff) had a little timing
problem: the delay between 'DMA blocks' was slightly longer then
the usual intersample period inside a DMA block. This only showed
up as a -30...-40 dB spurious birdy when using sub-Hz (mHz) resolution.
So this is irelevant for EME/RA/SETI.

I also tried old Yamaha and Crystal boards, and they did not have
this problem.

However, if you want to do any kind of interferometry, synchronous
sampling clocks are absoutely necesary.

73, Marko S57UUU

Rein A. Smit wrote:
>   Hi Kohjin
>   Thanks and OK about "word" I imagine that if the sampling is not accurate this will
>   introduce distortion in music. Whether this is really a problem I do not know.