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RE: [linrad] OSS and Red Hat 8.0

Hi Sigurd,

Insufficient sound resources?  That's one I hadn't heard.
I think the Delta 44 and Audigy I have will work OK.  The
base machine is a P4 @ 2GHz with 512 MB DDR 266 memory, so
I shouldn't have any processor-related issues.

I do think I'm going to reload Gnome.  The KDE terminal app
doesn't work well - input text is double-spaced, and output
text overwrites input text.  I can't actually see what I'm
doing unless I resize the window repeatedly.  Pretty lame.
I didn't see this with the Gnome terminal.

Did you have to do anything special to get OSS to load, or
did it play nice from the beginning?

Also, is your system set up as a workstation or as a server?

TNX & 73,
Dan  KB5MY

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I am also having frustration with sound, but have gone further than you in
that I have successfully loaded OSS on 3 machines, but so far none of them
have sound resources sufficient for the job :-(

I used to use KDE, but switched to gnome instead.   I think gnome interferes
less with the sound capability.

Good luck,

Sigurd, KJ1K