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Re: [linrad] OSS and Red Hat 8.0

Hi Dan,

I have ever installed Linrad on RHL 8.0 with OSS trial version
just right after RedHat had announced download available.
The installation was easy and got a 100% success.
Well, at the beginning there was a trouble in make because of
newer gcc 3.2 which didn't like Linrad at that time.
All of the trouble are now solved as far as I understand.

RHL 8.0 is impressive, it's more Windowz like desktop
environment whatever you would like or not.
However I found 8.0 eats CPU load a lot then I abandoned
to use it on my slow and old off the self PIII 500MHz/384MB.
I then returned back to 7.3.
I would go for 8.0 in future when I have more powerful CPU.

You write about KDE and Gnome etc but it doesn't matter
on any X-window manager for Linrad operation at least.
You can start up linrad from the text window as well.

I don't understand what your problem are in installing Linrad and OSS.
Why don't you write more in detail so that we could help you?
What is your OSS version?

BTW, I'm not talking about the usage of usual audio/sound like
how to use of CD player etc.   I never use that on Linux.

Kohjin - JR1EDE

At 11:29 02/11/16 -0800, you wrote:
>Hi All,
>I'm having a lot of trouble loading OSS with RH 8.0.
>I've even gone as far as to disable the motherboard
>sound system, which never worked, then installed a
>new SB Audigy MP3+ and the Delta 44, then reloaded
>RH8 from scratch with only the KDE interface.  That
>worked with the stock sound drivers, as I was able
>to get sound out of the Audigy OK - but only after
>running the KDE mixer application at least once and
>saving the settings.
>The install instructions on the opensound.com web
>site (particularly those dealing with disabling the
>stock sound drivers) seem to indicate a slightly
>different directory structure than what I'm seeing
>with this distribution.  I guess that's why the
>automatic driver disabling option that OSS offered
>me during installation didn't work.
>Has anyone here had recent success loading OSS on
>RH8?  I'd be interested in knowing the specific
>steps you followed to make it load/work.  BTW - my
>RH8 Pro is from a brand-new boxed set (the download
>version had bugs).
>I've been at this every day since last Sunday, so
>I've already blown past the peak of my frustration
>curve - HI.  I'm hoping to have this working for
>the next half of the EME contest.  TIA for any and
>all help.
>TNX & 73,
>Dan  KB5MY
>p.s. - Stewart, KK7KA, wanted to know if I had Linux
>       working directly with my StarBand hardware.
>       Unfortunately, no.  I use my primary Win2K
>       machine as a router with the WinProxy for
>       StarBand proxy server software.  It seems to
>       work OK.  Even though my wife and I share the
>       connection, there has been no serious impact
>       on the Win2K machine's performance, and it's
>       only a P-II/400.