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Re: [linrad] More stuff.....about runlevels etc.

Whenever you change runlevels, init looks in the rcX.d directory (where X 
is the runlevel you're changing TO) to see what services to start/kill.  
If you only added underscores to the links that started with K, those 
won't be killed.  Your computer will still function OK, but you haven't 
stopped those unnecessary processes. ;-(  In your case init looks in 
/etc/rc3.d/ and kills K01some_service, K10other_service, K54third_service 
etc. and then starts S01usb, S20random etc. up to S99local.  

I don't understand your comment about svaglib_helper, if it runs OK in a 
script, it should run from the command prompt.  Maybe if you rephrase it 
I'll catch on to what you're trying to do.

If what you're doing works, it works.  The way I would do it isn't 
necessarily better, I just like to automate things a bit.

73  Matt  KB0VUK