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RE: [linrad] More stuff.....

cd /usr/local/src/svgalib-1.7.19/kernel/svgalib_helper
insmod svaglib_helper.o

I also do all my Delta 44 and PCI128 mixer settings in the same file and then finally it starts Linrad. It takes about 1 second to execute so its ok.

Is there a better (more correct) way?


Conrad G0RUZ

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> The best thing to do is to use "chkconfig" to tailor a run level
> that is good for running Linrad.  Don't mess up a run level needed
> for other work.  I think 6 would work.  Then before you run Linrad
> you (as root) would do an "init 6" which would shut down so system
> processes and start Linrad.  Later you would switch back using
> "init 5" or "init 3".

If you want to build a custom runlevel for linrad there's a few things to 
eliminate some of the other processes using cpu time.

I would suggest runlevel 2, as 6 is usually used for reboot.  RedHat & 
derivatives don't use runlevels 2 and 4 for anything IIRC.  If you are 
using linux for linrad only, you can make 2 the default runlevel.

In Mandrake put your startup scrips (batch files) in /etc/rc.d/init.d .  
Probably one script for svgalibhelper, one for  mixer settings, then cd to 
/etc/rc.d/rc2.d and add links to ../init.d/script_name_here.  

Rename all the links that aren't going to be used  (network, xinetd, ftpd 
etc.) Links have a specific naming scheme  S or K(NN)name_of_service where 
the S means you want to start that service and K means you  want to kill 
it. The numbers are the order the scripts are executed in (S00xyz before 
S01qrs).  You can look in rc0.d to see what order to stop the services.

You can also add a user 'linrad' with the shell set as 
/linrad_directory/linrad and linrad will start automatically when you 

If I don't make much sense or you need more help, just ask.  For those who 
will have a computer dedicated to linrad, you should be able to start it 
up, login as linrad and start listening,,,, no typing commands to set the 
mixer, svgalib, etc.

73  Matt  KB0VUK