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[linrad] results of video card testing

  Rein is here and we have been testing the video card, linrad, and switching
between windows.  Here is how my sytem is configured and the results of testing:

1.  The motherboard is an ECS Mainboard P4VXASD2+ and I have 512mb ram and a
Pentium 4   1.7GHz.

2.  The video card is definitely a new ATI Radeon 7000 32MB DDR AGP that I
purchased for $39.95usd at MicroCenter  stock number 856005.

3.  The linux is Mandrake 9

4.  The screen type I am using is KDE.

5. The svgalib is the old one specified by Leif.

6. There are NO other video drivers loaded as suggested by a few others on this

7.  the vgalib.config file is set to VESA and 1024x768


linrad is running well.  I begin it from an X-term window logged in as root.
I can correctly switch from linrad back to the KDE root graphics screen using
ctrl-alt-F7.  The system does not lock up.  I can then return to linrad by using
ctrl-alt-F8.  I can go back and forth using these two commands without any

I was able to determine which of the many many /devices/dspn to user by turning
off the sound driver (soundoff) then running soundconf. Then I clicked on test
sound drivers. It produced a recorded voice on left then right channels of each
of the two sound cards and told me which device it was using. I found that the
Delta-44 was on dsp0 and the AC97 was on dsp7. now I turned on the sound again
and rand linrad and pressed U to setup the sound.  I am getting audio out of the
2nd sound card but I have yet to learn how to use the BFO properly.


I highly recommend this new and inexpensive video card as it has great
compatibility and does NOT require special linux drivers and works well with
svgalib using the VESA setting. Mandrake linux 9 has a built-in driver that
recognizes it automatically. Running Harddrake (hardware configuration utility)
I have the linux video card driver set for 1024x768 x 16 bits.

Need help:

  I have printed out Leif's pages and also have the Dubus article here. Yet I am
still unclear how to setup all the parameters and use the program as effectively
as Leif or Roger.  I would be very appreciate of help.


Jeffrey Pawlan, WA6KBL
San Jose, Calif.