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Re: [linrad] results of video card testing

At 22:08 03/01/22 -0800, you wrote:
>I highly recommend this new and inexpensive video card as it has great
>compatibility and does NOT require special linux drivers and works well with
>svgalib using the VESA setting. Mandrake linux 9 has a built-in driver that
>recognizes it automatically. Running Harddrake (hardware configuration utility)
>I have the linux video card driver set for 1024x768 x 16 bits.

So this kind of information will help others a lot, the reason why Rein kindly
contributes linrad-data!

>Need help:
>  I have printed out Leif's pages and also have the Dubus article here. Yet I am
>still unclear how to setup all the parameters and use the program as effectively
>as Leif or Roger.  I would be very appreciate of help.

Yes I do need the help too!
I've been long waited for someone write a manual or document of
getting-started for each parameter setting.
If it's possible I would prefer PDF or Word format not HTML format.

I'm afraid this to ask Leif.

Kohjin - JR1EDE