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AW: [linrad] WG: How to configure sound mixer

in deed, this seems to be the problem: I cannot set Line Input recording level and play level independently. Here is what I've done:
1) starting aumix
2) muting play of all channels despite the PCM
3) enabling the record of line input and putting the slider to the middle
4) save
5) exit

And I did not recognize that the play level of the line input moved upward as well, that means, I am getting direct audio from the line input to the line output. After that I installed KDE and even there, it behaves equal. It seems there is a missing function in my audio mixer hardware. That is not a sound card, its on board audio of my Siemens-Nixdorf Pro M6 computer. I'll now check if this is also the case when I install Win98 and then I will see.

Why I am not using OSS? Just a easy thing: Would you buy for something which you do not know that you will use it?

73, Günter

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> Betreff:	Re: [linrad] WG: How to configure sound mixer
> Why use OSS unless the sound card is unsupported with the stock drivers?  
> I have only used the demo a couple times and didn't find it any better 
> than the drivers that came with linux.  If there's something I've missed, 
> please tell.
> Guenter, did you remember to mute the line input?  That is necessary to 
> avoid unfiltered audio coming through.
> 73  Matt  KB0VUK