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RE: [linrad] RE: Linrad and the microwaves

Hi Günter,

> I do not know which kind of noise it is, I just mean that noise 
> on EME is quiter than on terrestrial. Maybe, or surely, it is 
> more constant. Another comparison: I did SSB QSO on the moon with 
> signal strengthes that never would have allowed a SSB QSO on 
> terrestrial pathes. Just when I remeber my only 23cm SSB with 
> G4CCH, that signal on terrestrial would not even have been noticed.

I find it very hard to believe. Maybe the QSB characteristics on
terrestrial has biased your mind so you just wait for the signal
to become strong. Might be better than to take the risk of
loosing it completely at the precious moment by use of a 
narrow filter? This way I can understand the CW, but it would
not explain the SSB thing that seems really odd to me.


Leif / SM5BSZ