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RE: [linrad] linrad/OSS

I worked it down.
I think I do have precompiled modules for the kernel version, my computer runs.
I use RedHat 6.1, updated to 7.1
Prior to installing OSS I had to install "kernel-source-VERSION.rpm"
You will need also "gcc-Version.rpm" and "kernel-headers-VERSION.rpm"(both I installed before for running "NASM")and "make-VERSION.rpm"(that came in my case with the LINUX-installation).

Thank's for the proposal to uploade an older version of OSS.
It would be fine, when Opensound could correct the bug.
Thank's to all, helping me upto now.

   73 Heinz, DM2BHG

"Leif Åsbrink" <leif.asbrink@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> schrieb:
> Hi All,
> > "Unfortunately the OSS/Linux installation package doesn't contain 
> > precompiled modules for the kernel version your system is running.
> and so on.........
> This is a mistake in the OSS distribution. I think it
> will be corrected shortly, but if it takes time I will
> upload an older version of OSS that works with Red Hat 7.2.
> Have patience one or two more days:)
> 73
> Leif / SM5BSZ