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Hi All,

> > "Unfortunately the OSS/Linux installation package doesn't contain 
> > precompiled modules for the kernel version your system is running.
> and so on.........
> This is a mistake in the OSS distribution. I think it
> will be corrected shortly, but if it takes time I will
> upload an older version of OSS that works with Red Hat 7.2.
> Have patience one or two more days:)

I got the wrong impression from the first response I got on
this subject from OSS (Hannu at 4-Front)

This is the OSS policy:
From the list you sent only SuSE 7.3/2.4.10 is anywhere near popularity we
could consider supporting it. For the other kernels our download
statistics show that just few requests have made for them during this
year. Since each sndshield module takes 4k of space we have to put limit
to somewhere. So in general we only support the 2-3 most recent versions
of each major distribution and few other kernels that are popular enough.

For the other kernels it's still possible to install OSS by installing the
kernel source package and gcc/binutils.

I have a system running ALSA with a Delta 44 for input and the builtin
sound for output. I did not install it myself, but I hope Dominic 
who did it will help and make his knowledge available to the list.
There are still some problems with ALSA that I think will soon be
resolved. Presently one has to know tha capabilities of the hardware,
Linrad does not get the information from ALSA so if one sets a sampling
speed of 192kHz all seems ok - but it is not and Linrad will fail after 
a while. When speed and channels are set in accordance with the actual 
hardware, Linrad works fine with ALSA, but Linrad00-54 or later will be
needed because ALSA allocates a smaller buffer than OSS (at least now)
so 00-54 reads the input more often and in smaller chunks compared to
earlier Linrad versions. (00-54 is not yet uploaded.)


Leif / SM5BSZ